3 Common Fire Safety Hazards In The Office

9 May 2017

Office fires can have a devastating impact on business. Not only can a fire cause thousands of pounds worth of damage and halt business operations, in really serious cases, it could cause injury and even death. To minimise the risk of fire in your workplace, it’s vital you take the necessary precautions to avoid fire safety hazards. Here are 3 of the most common:

Damaged Power Cords

Over time, the casing that covers electrical wire can become damaged and worn, exposing the wire inside. Not only can this carry the risk of an electric shock, it could result in sparks that set fire to flammable materials nearby.

With a whole host of electrical equipment in your office including computers, monitors, printers, lamps and kettles, it’s crucial that you remove items with damaged power cords immediately. If the cable on one device was to become damaged and catch fire, it could cause a path of destruction by setting fire to other electrical devices.

Overloading Sockets

Extension leads can be found in most office workplaces and are often considered a vital tool to equip all workers with the devices they need. However, although there may be enough sockets for four appliances, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe to use them all.

Overloading an extension lead with too many devices could cause a fire, resulting in thousands of pounds of damage and endangering employees in the process.

To minimise the risk, only use one extension lead per wall socket and never plug one extension lead into another. If your business relies heavily on extension leads and adaptors, recruit a registered electrician to install new wall sockets.  

Blocked Walkways And Exits

In the event of a fire, it’s crucial that everyone in the building can escape quickly and safely. To keep people safe, ensure walkways and exits are free from obstructions that could slow people down. Emphasise the importance of keeping the place clean and tidy so your employees are informed of the potential dangers. By encouraging staff members to remove or report obstructions, you can increase the likelihood that risks are resolved quickly and effectively.


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