4 Firefighting Museums That Can Help To Educate Children About Fire Safety

17 April 2018

Learning about fire safety is an important part of growing up because children will know how to deal with a hazardous situation when they get older. Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, there are a number of ways you can educate a child, and one of the most effective ways is by visiting a museum. There are firefighting museums located across the UK and we’re listing four of the most beneficial.

Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum

Located in Rochdale, the Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum houses a wealth of information on fire safety. There are 23 exhibits featuring a range of items, including uniforms, firefighting equipment, medals and curios. The museum is the perfect place to learn about the history of firefighting in Manchester, as England’s first municipal fire service was formed in the city during 1826.

The museum offers educational visits for children of all ages, with topics of discussion ranging from The Great Fire of London to The Blitz.

Museum of RAF Firefighting

This is the only museum in Britain to focus on all Ministry of Defence (MOD) Fire Services, including the Naval Air Command Fire Service, Royal Navy, Army, Defence Fire Service and Air Ministry Fire Service. It contains an extensive collection of firefighting vehicles and artefacts. Previously located in Kent, the museum was moved to Gainsborough and is set to reopen in 2018.

Kent Firefighting Museum

The Kent Firefighting Museum is a hub of knowledge, featuring different exhibits that will help to educate students. There’s a selection of fire helmets, a collection of fire extinguishers, a horse drawn fire cart and traditional wooden ladders. The museum is run by dedicated volunteers who are experienced in the history of firefighting, making it an ideal learning venue.

Mansfield Fire Museum

When you visit the Mansfield Fire Museum, you’ll be impressed by the range of information that’s on offer. The museum is dedicated to collecting and conserving fire service memorabilia, with some items dating back to The Great Fire of London. An overseas room is aimed at preserving firefighting objects from abroad. There’s also a special kids zone that will appeal to small children.

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