5 Things You Should Never Do in a Fire

25 February 2019

A fire starting in the home or workplace is something no one likes to think about, and we hope you’ll never have to go through this experience. However, fires do happen and you may be tempted to take certain actions, which could possibly put you or others at more risk. They might seem like a good idea at the time, but there are certain things that you should never do in a fire. We’ve listed 5 of them here…

Try to retrieve valuable items

Remember, a fire can spread rapidly and before you know it your escape roots will be blocked off. Never attempt to go back upstairs to retrieve something valuable, or to look for a pet. To make things easier, consider keeping these sort of items on the ground floor if possible, or securing them in a safe or fireproof box.

Open doors with smoke billowing from the joints

If you see smoke seeping through around the edges of a door, then do not open it. As this will add oxygen that will fuel the fire and possibly cause a fireball. Only open doors that you need to and close any doors that you don’t, in order to slow the spread of the fire. Before you open a door, lightly touch it with the back of you hand. If it’s warm, keep in closed.

Try to jump out of an upstairs window

When a fire starts you may be tempted to quickly try and escape out of an upstairs window, but this is dangerous as the fall could seriously injure or even kill you. Assess your situation completely first, before you take this drastic action, as it’s always better to get outside from the ground floor if you can. However, if the window is your last hope, then tie up some bed sheets to form a rope and throw mattresses and cushions out to break your fall.

Hide under the bed or inside a wardrobe or cupboard

Being confronted with a fire in your home can be terrifying, and you might be tempted to hide away under a bed or inside a wardrobe or cupboard, but this will definitely not ensure your safety. Not only will this limit your ability to quickly move and run if you need to, but it will also make it difficult for the fire services to find you once they get there. Hiding away like this will not protect you from a rapidly spreading fire, and will certainly not save you from the smoke and heat.

Delay in calling the fire brigade

When a fire has just started, you may think that you’ve got everything in hand and that you’ve got plenty of time to react. However, it’s essential that you swallow your pride and call the professionals straight away, once you realise you can’t extinguish the fire on your own. Every moment you delay in calling the fire brigade will eat away at the precious time you have to save your possessions and property. Not to mention of course that every second can save your life and others.

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