A Guide To Preventing Chimney Fires

5 September 2018

September is an integral month for fire safety because of Chimney Fire Safety Week. Held from September 3rd to September 9th, the campaign aims to raise awareness of chimney fires and encourages people to stop them from happening. September is a time for growing darkness and drops in temperature. People are more likely to light the hearths in their home.

In order to raise awareness for Chimney Fire Safety Week, we’re giving our tips on how to prevent a chimney fire.

Build a small fire

When lighting a fire beneath the chimney, make sure it’s small. It will produce less creosote, which can build up inside the chimney and make for a potential hazard. A fire that burns brightly generates less smoke and soot, making it easier to control.

Clean out a chimney regularly

It’s important to clean a chimney as often as possible. Otherwise, creosote and soot will clog up the walls. These materials burn at high temperatures, increasing the risk of a fire breaking out. Be sure to consult the services of a certified chimney sweep. Annual cleaning will keep the space clear, providing better passage for smoke and exhaust gases.

Maintain a good air supply

To avoid creosote buildup, make sure you keep the fireplace damper open. This promotes steady air flow and prevents any restriction.

Install a chimney liner

An invaluable tool for fire prevention is a chimney liner. The liner protects the structure against excessive heating, provides better air flow and passage for combustion gases. Not only is the chimney easier to clean, but the interior is protected from damage, reducing the chance of a fire.

Avoid combustible materials

When lighting a hearth, never use any combustible liquids or materials. They include petrol, paper, plants and even Christmas trees. The materials can move up a chimney and ignite creosote deposits, leading to a fire breaking out.

At Total Fire Services, we’re committed to keeping you safe in a variety of situations. Be sure to spread the word about Chimney Fire Safety Week and remember that the smallest details can make the difference in fire prevention.


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