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Keep track of various sites and the actions within those sites, all in one place. Aurora will revolutionise how you allocate jobs, and prioritise and complete actions.

The Only Fire Risk Assessment Software You'll Ever Need

Aurora is a completely bespoke piece of software only available from Total Fire Group. Born out of the need to manage multiple risk assessment actions, Aurora allows you to keep track of various sites and the actions within those sites, all in one place.

Aurora will revolutionise how you allocate jobs, and prioritise and complete actions.

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What can Aurora do for you?

Aurora lets you perform fire risk assessments in a quick and concise manner. You’ll leave no stone unturned or forget an important check as consistency is built into the fire management software. You can be confident in the knowledge that the fire risk assessment has been through a rigorous process.

Aurora is your fire management calendar. It keeps users with up to date fire safety tasks via notifications and reminders. This means you don’t need to worry about what date you need to check your fire risk assessment is due for review and you can get on with running your business. 

Fully customisable, Aurora has a wealth of templates for residential, commercial, and pre-occupancy sites. It also has the functionality to create your own templates meaning you’re never stuck trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. You can create reports and assessments tailored solely to your needs letting you spend less time on reporting and more time getting your job done.  

Aurora lets users assign actions to internal stakeholders or external contractors. The progress of these tasks can be monitored on the fire risk assessment software’s dashboard allowing you to keep tabs on the progress of all your tasks in one easy to understand place.

what our clients say
south kesteven district council
Stuart Sheardown
Senior Project Development & Improvement Officer
"I have found their advice very professional, honest and easy to understand."
wythenshawe housing
Community Housing Group
"TFS has conducted a large number of fire risk assessments across WCHG that included high and low rise flats, sheltered accommodation, offices, public buildings and cottage flats. The fire risk assessments were conducted under very tight time scales."
emh homes
Dene Carvell
Maintenance Manager
“TFS has provided a totally professional response throughout. The assessors work quickly and effectively, delivering Fire Risk Assessments which are comprehensive detailed & easy to understand the content.”

Aurora's Features

Data-driven fire management dashboard

The Aurora dashboard gives users an easy to understand and complete picture of all their current, completed, and pending fire management tasks. The dashboard leverages data visulisation tools to present users easily digestible and actionable information they can use to assign tasks, and reduce risk to life and property.

With all this data at the user's fingertips fire safety management becomes a pro-active, rather than reactive task. Knowing what you need to do before its time allows businesses to better optimise their time, effort, and resources meaning they’re spending less time on fire safety assessments and more time growing their margins.

Floorplan compatible user interface and integrations

Aurora allows for the seamless upload and manipulation of technical floor plans and building layouts. The fire management software’s user interface (UI) lets assessors mark precise locations on the floor plans for further investigation and recommendations.

Gone are the days of disposable, easily misinterpreted, handwritten notes. Aurora gives its users the tools to communicate fire risks clearly to office managers and business leaders. It can also help contractors locate tasks to complete with minimal fuss and misinterpretation.

Real time task assignment and tracking

The Aurora client dashboard lets users see their current fire risk assessment tasks all in one place. It maps these tasks against the people completing them and lets the user know the progress of each one.

The dashboard can be used to re-allocate tasks and distribute FRA jobs to internal or external contractors. Updates to the client’s dashboard are forwarded to the relevant parties in real time via email notifications saving the user admin time and letting them get on with more pressing tasks.

Bespoke templates

Aurora comes with three main FRA safety templates. These cover residential, commercial, and pre-occupancy sites. If you require a bespoke template for your business the Aurora team will work with you to produce a template that fits your needs. You can contact a member of our team for costing.

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