The Benefits of Chrome Fire Extinguishers

6 July 2015

Over the years, you may have become familiar with the standard issue red fire extinguisher, but recently an increasing number of workplaces and organisations have started to opt for chrome fire extinguishers instead. So, what are the differences between the two types of fire extinguishers and why have they become so popular?

With their shiny and stylish outer surface, chrome fire extinguishers have become a popular choice for many business owners largely because of their aesthetics. Whether you’re the owner of a brand new office space or a trendsetting department store, organisations are now demanding that the sophisticated fire fighting equipment that they equip their building with is also chic, discreet and able to blend into the environment. There’s even elegantly designed chrome fire extinguisher stands available to accompany them.

Unfortunately, their design does have some drawbacks. Chrome fire extinguishers are more difficult to see than their red counterparts, so it’s recommended that proper signage is used to help draw attention to their location.

Different Types of Fire Extinguisher

At Total Fire Services, we cannot stress the importance of of knowing which fire extinguisher you require for your property, as each one is designed towards fighting a different classification of fire. There a number of different types of chrome fire extinguishers, to which CO2 extinguishers are best suited for tackling Class B (flammable fluid) fires. As Chrome fire extinguishers are made from either aluminium or stainless steel, we highly recommend an aluminium finish, due to the fact that the gas can be held at an extremely high pressure, but is still lightweight and easy to handle.

Being manufactured from stainless steel and aluminium has other benefits too. Essentially, chrome fire extinguishers are less prone to corrosion and are suitable to be held in outside areas or in places with substantial amounts of residue i.e. swimming pools and spas.

Are Chrome Fire Extinguishers Legal?

There is confusion to whether chrome fire extinguishers conform to British Standards. To be BS EN3 approved, 95% of the extinguisher’s body must be red. Therefore, all chrome fire extinguishers do fall outside of this recommendation, but it is still not a legal obligation.

Instead, the CE Mark is the recognised governing legalisation for all fire extinguishers, to which all chrome fire extinguishers do carry this CE Mark, ensuring full legal compliance. Additionally, all UK manufactured chrome extinguishers are ISO 9001 quality supervised and tested in accordance with BS EN3. Although all they are legal, tested and safe to use, we do recommend that regular servicing and maintenance is undertaken by qualified professionals.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for stylish fire safety equipment that complies with legal requirements then chrome fire extinguishers are likely to be the best option for you and your organisation.


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