5 things your fire safety software should do to make managing your property portfolio a breeze

23 June 2021

Did you remember to schedule that fire risk assessment?

You’re sure you did but you’re just not 100%. 

You’ll have to pull out the “Excel spreadsheet of doom” and find the fire risk assessment tab. Not the quickest task to do at 4:30pm on a Friday.

Managing your fire risk assessments when you run a large property portfolio can be a headache. Tools like Excel and Google Calendar can help but they’re not really fit for purpose, certainly once you start growing past 20 properties.

Fire safety software can help an overworked property manager keep up to date with their fire risk management cycle. But with a lot of different fire safety products on the market it can be difficult deciding which one would be the best for your property business.  

In this article we’ve listed the 5 key things your fire safety software should do if you want to make your portfolio fire risk management a breeze.    


Automates reminders for you to get your FRA’s done on time 

No more scheduling reminders on your phone or in your calendar. Not only is this way of reminding yourself about fire risk assessments time consuming its open to human error. 

If you’re manually entering the dates and reminders for a number of properties all it takes is one bad day or typo to throw your fire safety management off. 

Fire safety software keeps a database of all your buildings and reminds you when it’s time to book a property’s fire safety assessment. Some softwares, like Total Fire’s Aurora also directly messages the client and fire risk assessment company when an assessment is due on one of your properties. 

This means your assessments can run on auto-pilot whilst you take care of other areas of your business.   


Manages the whole fire safety management cycle in one platform 

Running any business process over multiple software platforms is a drag. Making sure each tool is working properly and communicating with others when they need to can leave a lot of room for things to break.

Correctly syncing up and managing these different platforms is one solution to this problem. But it takes constant maintenance and testing to make sure everything’s doing what it’s supposed to. 

A better way to solve this problem is by using one fire risk management software system for your entire fire risk management cycle. That way there isn’t any danger of something breaking or a tool becoming unresponsive because everything is managed in one place. 

Having all the data on your properties in one platform and being able to communicate with contractors and FRAs using it is a must for any property manager 

The less programs and software you need to manage your processes the better. Having everything taken care of in one place makes it easy for a property manager to check, update and review their fire safety status. 


Lets you assign tasks to contractors based on an FRAs recommendations 

Having a fire risk assessor complete the fire risk assessments on your properties is only half the job. Once a fire risk assessment is completed a property owner then needs to work with external contractors and internal teams to enact any recommendations provided by the fire risk assessor. 

Communicating the recommendations to external contractors and your team can be tricky and disjointed when a property owner is relaying the information from the fire risk assessor. Although the fire risk assessor will leave detailed notes there’s still a possibility that important considerations will get lost in translation. 

Fire safety software can help a property owner overcome this hurdle by letting them forward a fire risk assessor’s recommendations straight to external contractors or your team directly in the platform. 

Total Fire Group’s software, Aurora, has this functionality. It lets property owners forward recommendations directly to their chosen contractors. This not only saves them time and energy but it also guarantees the fire risk assessors advice will be carried out to the letter. 


Upload floor plans and images to directly highlight FRA findings

There is a lot that goes into a fire risk assessment. An assessor needs to tick off a whole host of criteria and they can find things that need fixing in all sorts of locations. 

Traditionally, fire risk assessments were done with a paper and pen. If you were lucky, a printed out floor plan was used too. This lets assessors mark problems and recommendations with greater accuracy to help the property owner identify and fix their problems. 

Nowadays a paper and pen is a pretty old fashioned way of doing things. It’s easy for notes to be misinterpreted or missed altogether. They can be difficult to understand (or read) and hard to follow when trying to locate a problem. 

Fire safety software, like Aurora, let’s fire risk assessors upload and share digital floor plans to their platform. It lets assessors pinpoint finding locations and add notes directly to the plan and they can even add pictures to different areas to better highlight the issues that need fixing. 

This gives clients greater clarity on what is happening on their sites and makes it easier for them to communicate with external contractors.  


Automatically generates a BAFE SP205 Certificate 

If the assessment company is BAFE SP205 certificated Aurora will automatically produce the BAFE Certificate with every FRA.

This might not sound like a big deal, after all it’s just a certificate. But by doing the BAFE certificate automatically it saves everyone time and effort and gives property owners the satisfaction of having their properties assessed by a reputable company.


Find a fire safety management software that does all these things

There is no shortage of fire safety management software out there on the market. Each has its own distinct strengths and weaknesses. Whichever one you choose, make sure it can do the 5 things we’ve mentioned above. 

That way you’ll know that the software will reduce your workload and make your fire safety management a breeze.  

Our Aurora software can do all of the above and so much more. If you’d like to see it in action you can book a demo now. If you’d like some more information and speak to us directly about your specific fire safety management needs contact us here.


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Fire Risk Assessments

Delivering a comprehensive and detailed report on your property.

Fire Safety Consultancy

We can provide a partnership which offers auditing and consultancy services.

Fire Risk Management Software

Manage multiple risk assessment actions with our Aurora software.

Fire Safety Training

Our fire safety training courses cover every level of fire safety, from basic through to advanced.