Getting To Grips With The Latest Landlord and Tenant Fire Safety App

10 November 2015

Landlords and tenants now have a potentially life-saving tool at their disposal with the release of a brand new interactive fire safety app.

As part of a national fire safety programme, the Firemark Education app aims to help people make a thorough assessment of their home’s fire safety by guiding them through a basic fire risk assessment.

The app has been developed by G2G3, Capita’s technology consultancy, and it is hoped that this easy to use app will help landlords adhere to recent changes in their fire safety guidelines. As fire safety legislation is constantly updated it can be tough for landlords to keep up with their legal responsibilities. However, now the Firemark Education app has been released, a simple update can be applied in future to cover any amendments to a landlord’s fire safety responsibilities.

This is also a welcome development for tenants, as they now have the tools to identify anything their landlord has overlooked. The app can help identify if their rental property has a lack of fire detection and mitigation options, and subsequently make a thorough case for their landlord’s intervention.

How does the app work?

The app works by guiding users through a basic risk assessment to identify hazards around their property, and the action required to nullify these potential threats. Users are presented several realistic scenarios with the aim of improving their knowledge about fire safety and to help further understand what they require to keep themselves safe.

In addition to helping landlords and tenants, the app also feeds back information to assist fire and rescue services learn more about the current public knowledge levels in the rented private sector.

Fire Risk Assessments Still Crucial for Landlords..

Whilst this application is certainly not a replacement for a full landlord fire risk assessment, it is hoped it can nevertheless prompt people into action before it’s too late. Firemark Education’s technical and professional advisor Sir Ken Knight believes the tool has the potential to “transform fire safety for landlords and tenants”, adding, “We’ve designed a tool for fire services all over the country to add to their education programmes and ensure that key fire safety messaging is shared with the whole private rented sector.”

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The app is a great way for landlords to keep on top of the ever changing legislation, however if you require a comprehensive fire risk assessment from our BAFE accredited assessors, don’t hesitate to contact us today and ensure nothing is overlooked.


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