Growth Predictions Bring Welcome Relief for the Fire Industry

29 May 2014

growth predictions

The recent announcement from the Fire Industry Association (FIA) CEO that the fire sector is predicted to reach up to 5% growth has been very welcomed across the industry in light of the recent recession. With the UK economy finally on the up, many sectors are now looking forward to sustainable growth in their industries, and none more so than the FIA who have been yet to report growth predictions despite other sectors having done so.

The work carried out by the Fire Industry is essential and invaluable to businesses across the country, as they work to prevent accident and injury by fire related incidents to thousands of employees in commercial buildings. Of course, fire alarm systems are frequently the last installations to be completed in a new build, therefore this industry has had to wait patiently while the building sectors began to reclaim lost ground in the current economic climate. In the digital age, more and more businesses are opting to complete their purchases online, and this trend has followed suit with regards to fire systems, which although very convenient does pose potential problems to businesses.

The installation and maintenance of any fire system products bought online must always be carried out by competent fully trained individuals to ensure that they are correctly fitted according to fire regulations. By not using accredited companies to carry out fire risk assessments and install the necessary system, businesses are not only risking the safety of their building and stock, but also members of their workforce, and this is one risk that should never be taken.

It is vital that business owners find a reliable fire assessment service that they can trust, and one that meets all the necessary fire safety legislation. Total Fire Services were the 4th company in the UK to receive the prestigious external certification by the National Security Inspectorate for the BAFE SP205 Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment Scheme. As the body responsible for auditing the fire protection industry, BAFE has worked to develop several successful UKAS accredited certification schemes in order for fire safety organisations to be assessed and approved to British standards. The award of this accreditation is granted upon careful inspection of the quality of work completed by this fire risk assessment service, and is designed to provide clients reassurance that the services comply with legal obligations and requirements under fire safety legislation.

The comprehensive range of fire solutions that TFS provide include installation, servicing and maintenance of fire alarm systems, emergency lighting provision and fire extinguisher location throughout your premises. The expert teams will conduct a thorough risk assessment of your entire building and surrounding site before discussing their findings and putting forward their recommendations in a one on one consultation. In addition to this TFS can offer invaluable fire safety training from experienced fire safety professionals so that you are able to manage a situation should a fire occur within your workplace. In light of the growth prediction for the fire industry, it is hoped that many more individuals will be trained to deliver this valuable service across the country and indeed the world.



We offer our clients a complete fire safety management service, our key services include:

Fire Risk Assessments

Delivering a comprehensive and detailed report on your property.

Fire Safety Consultancy

We can provide a partnership which offers auditing and consultancy services.

Fire Risk Management Software

Manage multiple risk assessment actions with our Aurora software.

Fire Safety Training

Our fire safety training courses cover every level of fire safety, from basic through to advanced.