Hospitals Charged Nearly £300 For Every False Alarm

12 February 2015


It is no secret that the countries valued health service, the NHS, is financially on a “knife-edge” which has raised concerns after new figures show that money is being ‘burnt’ on false fire alarms. In a bid to reduce the amount of wasteful visits that both cost valuable time and money the London Fire Brigade began to charge repeat offenders.

However with some Hospitals being visited several times EVERY week, the NHS could be forced to pay out a six figure bill.

What is it causing all the false alerts? According to the report badly maintained systems and even things such as burnt toast, steam and dust has resulted in the Fire Engines being dispatched.

Whats even more shocking was that all of the 10 worst offenders for these bogus alarms were hospitals that between them where charged a total of £177,000.

Despite nearly a 10% decease, Fire Fighters where still responding to false call outs on average around every 15 minutes.

Despite the charges the Fire Brigade insist that it is not a money making scheme with Neil Orbell, head of fire safety at London Fire Brigade saying

“This is not a money-making scheme and the last organisations we want to charge are hospitals.

However, we are called to over 30,000 false alarms every year and some hospitals we go to nearly every week.”

False alarms can be very dangerous as it can cause complacency in Hospital

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Hospitals forced to pay out nearly £200,000 over false fire alarms



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