Housing association breaches Home Standard on fire safety

27 March 2019

A recent regulatory notice has revealed that a major UK Housing Association breached the Regulator of Social Housing’s (RSH) Home Standard as a result of issues related to fire safety.

RSH’s notice said that they “had failed to implement a large number of high-priority actions arising from fire risk assessments”.

According to RHS, the failure to implement these actions established the potential for “serious detriment” to tenants due to “the number of tenants exposed to an increased risk of danger from fire over a significant period of time”

Despite them self-identifying the issues and informing the regulator, RHS declared that the housing association had breached part ‘1.2’ of the Home Standard.

No further action will be taken by RHS “as it has assurances that the breach of the standard is being remedied.”

The Housing Association’s interim chief executive said:

“It’s our responsibility to carry out risk assessments where necessary – and to then ensure that any resulting actions are carried out promptly.

“Clearly this hasn’t happened and we apologise unreservedly for that. We understand that customers will feel let down and they have every right to feel that way.”

Darren Baird, Managing Director of Total Fire Services said:

“In our experience the conducting of the fire risk assessment (FRA) is the starting point and not the end product. Understanding the fire risk management cycle is key. The responsible person has to effectively manage the actions from the FRAs through to completion and demonstrate compliance with the Fire Safety Order.

We specialise in such advice in the housing sector and have vast experience in working with several large housing associations. Our initial advice and consultations are free of charge”.


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