Is Disaster Planning a Necessity for your Small Business?

12 January 2015

Often, small businesses can overlook the need for comprehensive disaster planning and risk assessment, and assume they are only really necessary for larger companies and organisations.

If anything, small businesses (often likely to operate in one building) are more susceptible to large scale harm, and it is vital that they realise the importance of disaster planning.

Consider your key resources and the consequences should any of these be affected in a disaster – staff, power, IT systems, buildings etc.

Would you have the necessary plan in place to be able to handle a vast power cut? Say your entire business premises was devastated in a fire?

It is important to not only have the necessary plans in place should the worst happen, but to have also carried out fundamental risk assessments that would highlight any potential hazards or dangers that you may not have even considered.

Risk assessments and disaster planning are completely necessary for your small business. Not only could they save your business, they could save lives.

Richard Stubbings @ Practical Ecommerce explains more about the necessity of disaster planning for small business.



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