Leisure Centre in Need of Fire Protection Work

22 January 2015

A leisure centre in Poole, Dorset is in need of £220,000 worth of fire protection work after it came to light that the building does not comply with safety regulations.

When a school next door to the leisure centre set out to develop improve areas of the premises thanks to a £15 million grant, it was found that fire safety measures weren’t up to scratch. Since the leisure centre and school were constructed at the same time in the late 80’s, both were forced to take action.

During developments, the school rectified fire safety measures and now meets regulations. The leisure centre however is yet to comply, but funding has been approved by the interim chief exec. for the Borough of Poole that will go towards this.

He ensures that until then, discussions with fire and health and safety professionals have reinforced that there is “no danger to centre users”.

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