Liverpool Cafe Boss Jailed After Fire Safety Breaches

28 May 2015

Yesterday, cafe owner, Jahed Ali, 39, was jailed for 8 months after breaching a string of fire safety regulations at his Liverpool eatery.

It was judged that the cafe’s living quarters, which was home to a number of Ali’s staff, was only accessible by crawling through a make-shift tunnel behind a kick loose panel. Ultimately, the workers would’ve had very little chance of making it out alive if a fire had broken out in the kitchen below.

It was also confirmed that Ali had previously been given an enforcement notice when inspectors carried out a routine fire risk assessment back in 2012. However, having returned to the property in February last year, the inspectors noticed that the living quarters were still being used by his staff, despite Ali’s innocence.

In total, Jahed Ali admitted 10 breaches of fire safety regulations including failure to remove combustible material, failure to provide emergency exits, failure to provide sufficient fire alarm systems and  failure to provide removable locks on emergency doors.

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