Looking Into The Importance Of Fire Safety Labels

1 May 2018

In terms of safety, labels act as useful instructions on what to do in the event of a fire. They are designed to provide key information on safety equipment to the public and firefighters during an emergency. Labels shouldn’t be taken for granted and there are several places where they’ll be shown, such as in public buildings, workplaces and on specific types of furniture. We’ve put together a guide on the labels and how they can help during an emergency.

Fire safety labels in buildings

In public buildings and offices it’s the responsibility of the manager to put up fire safety signs. This is a legal requirement and they could face serious penalties if they fail to comply. The public are encouraged to read and understand the information on the signs, which could lead to the prevention of severe damage in the event of a crisis.

Advisory signs help to warn people about fire hazards and provide instructions on what to do in an emergency. For example, a sign can show someone how to use a fire extinguisher correctly. A building needs to have appropriate labels marking fire alarm call points and the location of extinguishers.

Colour coded signs

Colour coded signs fulfil different purposes and contain information that’s relevant to a specific action. Fire exit signs in the UK are usually coloured green and white because this combination signifies a safe condition. Blue fire safety signs are used to indicate a mandatory action, like keeping a fire door shut. Red fire safety signs signify the location of equipment or prohibition. An example of a red sign is no smoking.

Fire signs on furniture

Safety labels are required on furniture to indicate the fire resistance of each item. A label needs to be attached to all new furniture at the point of sale, with the exception of bed bases, mattresses, pillows, loose covers, stretch covers, seat pads and scatter cushions.

The label should be attached in a place that it can be read clearly on both sides. There are different labels to be aware of. Display labels feature compliance information and permanent labels are meant to show compliance with specific ignition requirements for fillings and covers. The latter is also meant to help enforcement officers.

You should not remove a permanent label and should take measures to reattach the label if it’s come loose. This is important for landlords who are renting out a property. If you intend on selling a piece of furniture the safety label needs to be attached, otherwise organisations won’t accept it.

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