Meet SAFFiR, The Latest In Fire Extinguishing Technology

5 February 2015

Fires have caused devastation for a long time and the way in which we have combated them has greatly changed over the years. From throwing buckets of water over a blaze to lobbing glass grenades with chemical suppressants at them, the innovative approaches over the years has lead to what might be the future of fire fighting for many years to come.


Named SAFFiR, a 5 foot 10 inch tall robot that weighs around 143 pounds has been designed to maneuver around complex spaces. SAFFiR is a very complex piece of technology that has the ability to walk around and clearly see through smoke filled environments due to its infrared stero vision and rotating laser.

SAFFiR Could Have Wider Applications In The Future

The robot which can even use a hose pipe was specifically created to work aboard military ships but if successful this kind of technology could be expanded and applied to other industries and even be used by the Fire Brigade themselves to better combat fires and improve safety. At present human Fire Fighters risk their lives on a daily basis putting themselves in the face of danger by entering some extreme environments caused by fires.  Robots such as SAFFiR could be used in these said environments and put out the blaze without a human Fire Fighter ever having to risk their life.

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