Nine Evacuated From Eccles Flat Fire

11 December 2014

A recent fire that broke out in a residential block of flats in Eccles luckily resulted in all 9 residents being evacuated safely.

The fire at Monton Mill Gardens started in the early hours in the lobby of the 3 story building, and fire-fighters were called to the scene at around 2.30am. They were able to handle the fire and bring the flames under control.

Thanks to smoke alarms fitted around the premises, all residents were alerted quickly and were able to escape unscathed. If it weren’t for the working, correctly fitted alarms the fire had the potential to be a much more serious incident.

The cause of fire isn’t confirmed, but is thought to be a short-circuit in the electric intake box.

The incident once again reinforces the importance of a thorough and up to date fire risk assessment and sufficient smoke alarms fittest throughout all properties. Had this not have been the case at Monton Mill Gardens, the situation could have been much more detrimental.

Landlords – ensure you are fully compliant with all legal obligations, and don’t hesitate to contact us here at TFS for further advice.

MD Darren Baird is also the fire safety expert at the Landlord Zone – a great resource for information and advice.




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