Health and Safety Policy Statement


In recognising its duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, it is the aim of Total Fire Group Ltd to conduct its business efficiently whilst protecting the health, safety and welfare of its employees, (#) and to provide a safe working environment in every place the Company’s business is undertaken.


Total Fire Group Ltd (hereafter referred to as TFG Ltd) recognises the fact that health and safety has positive benefits to the company and our clients and that commitment to a high level of safety is a necessary requirement. It also recognises that health and safety is a business function and must, therefore, continuously progress towards the protection of its greatest asset, its employees. As there are distinct benefits to be gained from providing a safe and healthy working environment, by reducing instances of accidents and ill health, appropriate levels of resources will be allocated to ensuring health and safety is adequately addressed within the company.

A positive culture will be encouraged within the Company, the Directors and managers will actively support this and all employees will be consulted during any relevant decision making processes.

Policy Statement

TFG Ltd in recognising its duties under the 1974 Act will comply with the requirements of the statutory provisions, subject to such exemptions, exceptions and qualifications upon its obligations as are provided for in the legislation.

TFG Ltd will ensure that, so far as reasonable practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all its employees is in compliance with Section 2 of the Act by:

  • Ensuring that all representatives of TFG Ltd make themselves aware of and comply with our clients’ own heath and safety policies and procedures whilst on the client’s premises.
  • Ensuring that all TFG Ltd consultants, agents and representatives report to the most senior person on arrival at our clients’ premises and provide details of the type, location and duration of the work to be undertaken.
  • Ensuring that all TFG Ltd representatives make themselves aware on arrival at the clients’ premises of the actions to be taken in the event of a fire or other emergency.
  • Ensuring where possible that locations, plant, equipment and systems of work are safe and without risk to health.
  • Providing sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, the safety of its employees, to enable time to avoid risk and to contribute positively to their own health and safety.
  • Providing and maintaining where possible a healthy working environment, adequate facilities and arrangements for the welfare of employees whilst on our clients’ premises.
  • Ensuring effective arrangements for joint consultation to enable employees to co-operate effectively in promoting and developing measures to ensure health and safety at work.
  • Ensuring all employees are reminded that they have a duty under the Act under Sections 7 and 8, to take reasonable care for themselves and other persons who may be affected by their work activities, and to co-operate with TFG Ltd to enable the Company to comply with its duties and statutory requirements.
  • Ensuring so far as reasonably practicable, that suitable persons are selected and employed and that they are competent to carry out their work safely.
  • Ensuring all employees are made aware of their obligations as per the RIDDOR Regulations 1985 for the procedure for the reporting of accidents, dangerous occurrences and “near misses”.
  • Ensuring this statement is brought to the attention of all employees and will be reviewed, and when necessary, modified as appropriate.

In order to ensure that this general statement is achieved, the following will form the aims and objectives of TFG Ltd “The Company”.

1) The Company will ensure that there are arrangements put into place for the effective planning, development and review of this policy statement.

2) The Company will ensure that appropriate systems are in place to effectively implement the Risk Management Policy, resulting in efficient management of exposure to risk.

3) The Company’s management will ensure that appropriate systems are developed and maintained for the effective communication of health and safety matters throughout the Company.

4) The Company will devote the necessary resources in the form of finance, equipment, personnel and time to ensure health and safety issues are addressed.

5) The Company recognises that a key resource of any organisation is its employees, and will provide the necessary information, instruction and training to ensure their compliance with respect to health and safety legislation.

6) The Company believes in constantly improving health and safety standards and performance, and will endeavour to ensure that all relevant Statutes, Regulations and Codes of Practice are complied with.

7) The Company recognises that safety is the responsibility of everyone in the organisation and is not just a function of senior management. Employees will be informed of the responsibility to take reasonable care of themselves and others that could be affected by their actions, and to co-operate with management in achieving the standards required.

8) The Company will ensure that health and safety is fully integrated into the management and decision-making process.

9) The Company will ensure all accidents and “near misses” are fully investigated and that appropriate action is taken to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence, by highlighting any faults in management systems and not solely on operator error.

10) The overall responsibility for health and safety remains with the Managing Director of the Company, who will seek appropriate health and safety advice when necessary.

Darren Baird DMS, MIFireE, MIFSM
Managing Director Total Fire Group Ltd
August 2006

# Employees includes Directors, sub contractors and representatives in their capacity as fire safety consultants on behalf of TFG Ltd.