Quality Management Policy Statement

Total Fire Group Ltd is trusted by a large number of employers to ensure their valuable assets, whether they are people or property, are adequately protected. To that end we believe we have a responsibility to have quality management systems in place to ensure that the way we work produces the best quality of service for our clients.

To maintain those systems senior management will formally review our systems of work and the service we provide on a regular basis with a company culture that encourages all personnel to informally review and evolve the way they work and the service they provide by contributing and participating openly to the formal reviews.

We will consult with our customers and positively promote feedback from them to ensure that their expectations are continually met or exceeded. Where any reports suggest that those expectations have not been met, they will be investigated and the client advised of the outcome and proposed resolution.

As Total Fire Group evolves into a market leader for fire safety services we will continually seek to empower our personnel and satisfy the requirements and expectations of our clients.