Sprinkler System Saves The Day After A Fire In A Retirement Complex

24 March 2017

Sprinkler System Saves The Day After A Fire In A Retirement Complex

Firefighters have praised a state-of-the-art sprinkler system which helped to suppress a blaze in a flat within a retirement complex.

When the fire broke out shortly before 6am, the sprinkler system detected heat from the blaze and alerted staff to the fire before putting the flames out.

Crews were called to the complex and an elderly man who lived in the flat was escorted to safety by staff.

Fire Engineer Stuart Ruckledge explained: “This incident had the potential to be quite a severe fire which could have led to serious injury. As with any incident such as this, it was extremely distressing for the occupant but thankfully they were unharmed.”

“The consequences could have been far more serious if the smoke alarm and sprinkler system had not been in place.”

Consider the effectiveness of a sprinkler system

The effectiveness of the sprinkler system shows just how much of a difference specialist fire fighting tools can make in the event of an emergency. Not only did the sprinklers help to suppress the fire, along with the fire alarm they also helped to alert staff and encourage a swift evacuation.

When a fire breaks out in a care home or retirement complex, evacuating everyone to safety can understandably be a challenge. With so many elderly residents to consider, it’s vital that those in charge of the complex take extra precautions to keep everyone safe. To find out how to protect those within your care, take a look at our guide on fire safety in care homes and retirement centres.


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