The Importance of Fire Safety Inspections in Schools

19 February 2024

Ensuring the safety of students and staff is part of the role schools play in local communities, providing a safe space for children to learn. Within their fire safety arsenal, there are a variety of elements, from compartmentation to alarm systems. One of these elements is fire doors. They play a vital role in containing and slowing down the spread of fire, gas and smoke, providing precious time for evacuation. In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of fire door inspections in schools and how they contribute to creating a secure learning environment.

Fire Doors in Schools

Fire doors don’t merely resemble ordinary doors; instead, their design enables them to withstand the intense heat of a fire and impede its rapid spread. These doors act as barriers, compartmentalising different sections of a building to contain the flames and smoke. In the context of schools, where the safety of children is paramount, the functionality of fire doors becomes even more critical.

To create safe evacuation routes, strategically placing fire doors in corridors, stairwells, and other crucial areas. Some rooms in schools carry extra potential fire risks, like kitchens, science labs and woodworking rooms. These may require doors with higher levels of fire protection, like FD60 doors. When properly installed and maintained, these doors can be the first line of defence against the devastating consequences of a fire outbreak. Regular inspection and maintenance are essential for ensuring their effectiveness does not diminish.

The Need for Inspection

Over time, wear and tear, exposure to the elements, and daily use can impact the functionality of fire doors. Regular inspections are essential to identify potential issues and address them promptly. A certified fire safety professional should conduct these inspections. Therefore, you can be confident that each door meets the required standards and functions as intended.

Here are some key reasons why regular fire door inspections are indispensable in schools:

  • Inspect frequently used fire doors within schools monthly, and check less used doors every term to ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Ensuring proper functionality – Wear and tear, especially at the hands of children and teenagers, can compromise the function of your fire doors. 
  • Aside from inhibiting the spread of flames, these doors also stop harmful gases and smoke from spreading around the building. This ability can be lost without proper maintenance.

This high level of safety, paired with the amount of doors throughout campuses, could create an overwhelming amount of work. This is where external fire door inspectors can help. With specialist teams and dedicated software, you can work through the output quickly. This ensures safety without all of the hassle.

If you’re interested in streamlining your fire door inspection process and ensuring a higher level of safety for your students and staff, contact the Total Fire Group team today.


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