Three Common Fire Safety Misconceptions Explained

7 January 2015

fire safety myths

The Fire Industry Association helps clear up a few common myths surrounding fire safety and legislation.

1: DCLG Guides are ACOPs

This is incorrect – sector specific guides on the RR(FS)O (or Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order) do not have the status of ACOPs (or Approved Codes of Practice).

2: Premises with less than 5 employees don’t need a fire risk assessment

Again incorrect. Fire safety legislation for almost all non-domestic premises requires fire precautions in the premises must be based on a FRA, and therefore they must be carried out regardless of size.

3: Fire Safety Legislation covers life safety, property protection and protection of the environment.

Incorrect. Fire safety legislation ONLY covers the protection of life from fire, and not property, or environment.

The FIA explains further at the links below..



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