Who can benefit from fire risk assessment software?

19 March 2021

Our fire risk assessment software is designed to make the whole process of fire risk assessment much quicker and easier. Through working in the industry and because of our years of experience, we know about all the inefficiencies, obstacles and time-consuming processes that can be involved in the fire risk assessment process. And we decided to do something about it.

We’ve designed our revolutionary fire risk management software to make it easier for you to keep track of various sites and the actions within those sites, by collating them all in one place. With Aurora, we can help you boost productivity and make fire safety management as straightforward as possible.

But who can benefit from fire risk assessment software? Well, we work with a range of organisations……whether you are a fire risk assessor or an organisation that manages large FRA volumes and actions, Aurora will revolutionise your approach.

Schools and Education

We’ve worked with a variety of schools and universities across the country, including schools which focus on children with special needs. It means we really do understand the specific challenges a school faces and our fire risk assessment software reflects that.

Housing Associations

We have worked with large housing associations since 2008, conducting FRAs on their property portfolios, and repeating the process in most cases annually. We understand the pressures faced in a post Grenfell Tower fire world, and how best to manage housing risk, in a cost effective and balanced way. 

Through our fire risk assessment software, housing associations can manage the many fire risk assessments, and subsequent actions, in a clearer and more straightforward manner. Especially when you have multiple sites to cover.


Landlords need to ensure both tenants and properties are safe and secure from the risk of fire. Through our fire risk assessment program we make fulfilling your legal obligations when it comes to fire safety management, much easier and simpler, especially if you have a large portfolio of properties.

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We offer our clients a complete fire safety management service, our key services include:

Fire Risk Assessments

Delivering a comprehensive and detailed report on your property.

Fire Safety Consultancy

We can provide a partnership which offers auditing and consultancy services.

Fire Risk Management Software

Manage multiple risk assessment actions with our Aurora software.

Fire Safety Training

Our fire safety training courses cover every level of fire safety, from basic through to advanced.