Not all fire risk assessment software is created equal. Which features are essential for reducing your workload?

28 May 2021

Managing a large property portfolio can feel like spinning plates. Even with a team around you: juggling tenant problems, arranging flat viewings and keeping on top of admin work can leave you with little time to think about anything else. 

Completing fire risk assessments on your properties is another headache to add to this list. With different properties due for assessments at different times, managing when to contact your fire risk assessor can become a whole job in itself. 

Traditionally, property companies managed their fire risk assessments on a spreadsheet. They communicated via phone with their external contractors and fire risk assessors. This constant back and forth, between 3 parties, meant tasks could be forgotten and risk assessment deadlines missed.       

At Total Fire Group we recognised that this system was unmanageable for large property companies. Manually arranging fire risk assessments for 100s of properties can lead to human error that becomes its own fire risk.  


There must be a better way to manage your fire risk assessments

That’s why we developed our very own fire risk management software called Aurora. We wanted to build a tool that could automate the fire risk assessment process for property owners. Our tool automates your fire risk assessment deadlines and allows users to communicate with contractors from within the software. 

It’s essentially a tool that brings the whole process online and means you never miss a fire assessment deadline.   

There are multiple tools on the market to help you automate this process and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. But what are the ‘must have’ features to lookout for if you want to purchase some fire risk assessment software? Below we’ve listed the things we believe are essential if you want your fire risk management tool to save you time and effort. 

 Keep these in mind when you’re shopping around to know you’re getting a piece of software that’ll revolutionise your fire risk management process.


What are the essential features to look for when reviewing fire risk assessment software 


A software that can complete the full fire risk management cycle. 

The ‘fire risk management  cycle’ is a term we use here at Total Fire to describe the whole fire risk assessment process. The cycle starts with an assessor on your property and ends with you having completed and signed off the assessment findings. The cycle requires multiple steps and input from a FRA, a client and external contractors. 

A tool that lets you automate a large portion, if not all of this process, will save you time and energy as the tasks required by each party can be assigned and reported on automatically. 

Most fire risk assessment software on the market doesn’t give you this level of automation. Finding a tool that allows an FRA to communicate recommendations to a client is quite common. But a tool that lets you (a client or property owner) take these recommendations and assign them to contractors with a full audit trail from start through to completion, meaning your whole organisation is working with one version of the truth.

Aurora allows this level of control. So if you’d like a tool that lets you complete the fire safety cycle in one place you can book a free demo here to check it out.


A tool that automatically tells you when a fire risk assessment is due

If you manage multiple properties keeping track of when each one requires a fire safety assessment can be near impossible. Especially if your portfolio is pushing 50+ properties. 

Most fire risk assessment tools on the market give clients automated reminders when a property needs an assessment. Some will go the extra mile and sync directly with a fire risk assessor and let them know an assessment is due. That way your assessments will be getting done on autopilot.   

The assigned assessor will be sent the FRA which can be part completed onsite on any handheld device. With our interactive floorplan feature the assessor can pinpoint findings/images showing the client the precise location of the FRA findings in real time. Once the FRA passes an internal audit, the BAFE SP 205 certificate is automatically generated, and the completed FRA is emailed directly to the client saving on admin time. 

Finding a tool that gives you an automatic nudge when a property needs a risk assessment is the bare minimum you should expect from any fire management software. But make sure you explore all your options as some tools come with powerful additional features like the ones mentioned above. 

Find a fire safety software built by fire safety experts first not developers

It should go without saying that the best people to build a fire risk management tool are fire risk experts. This guarantees any software created will solve the actual issues property managers face daily in regard to fire safety management. 

When you’re looking for your fire risk management software make sure it’s been developed by a reputable fire risk assessment company. That way you’ll know they have taken their years of experience and poured them into a tool that’ll make your life a lot easier.   


Which do you pick?

Whichever fire risk assessment software you decide to use, make sure it fills the criteria we’ve mentioned above. That way you can be confident that it’ll reduce the time you’re spending managing your fire risk assessment processes and let you spend more time running your business. If you’d like to see what our software Aurora can offer you, book a free demo now.  


We offer our clients a complete fire safety management service, our key services include:

Fire Risk Assessments

Delivering a comprehensive and detailed report on your property.

Fire Safety Consultancy

We can provide a partnership which offers auditing and consultancy services.

Fire Risk Management Software

Manage multiple risk assessment actions with our Aurora software.

Fire Safety Training

Our fire safety training courses cover every level of fire safety, from basic through to advanced.