Fire safety concerns mean only 40% of tenants feel safe in their homes

20 April 2023

Recent studies have revealed alarming statistics – only 40% of tenants feel safe in their homes due to fire safety concerns.

This article aims to provide an overview of these findings, highlight the importance of landlord fire risk assessments, and discuss the latest government regulations that aim to improve fire safety.

Overview of Findings

A recent study conducted by Zutec has found that a staggering 60% of UK tenants do not feel safe in their homes for fear of fire risk. This alarming statistic raises questions about the effectiveness of current fire safety measures. It emphasises the need for stricter regulations to ensure tenant safety.

One crucial aspect of fire safety is the regular conduction of fire risk assessments. This is especially vital in blocks of flats and other multi-occupancy buildings.

The Importance of Landlord Fire Risk Assessments

As a landlord, it is crucial to prioritise the safety and security of tenants and the property concerning potential fire hazards. At Total Fire Group, we are here to assist you in adhering to your legal responsibilities in the realm of fire safety management. By providing valuable advice and assistance on fire risk assessments, more landlords can have assurances that their properties adhere to the necessary fire safety regulations.

Fire risk assessments are essential for identifying potential fire hazards, evaluating the risks associated with these hazards, and implementing appropriate measures to minimise or eliminate these risks. By regularly conducting these assessments, landlords and property managers can ensure that their buildings comply with fire safety regulations. Thus protecting their tenants and reducing the likelihood of devastating fires.

Fire risk assessments are crucial. Fires can spread quickly and pose a significant threat to numerous tenants. It’s important to note that fire safety measures that are effective in single-occupancy homes may not be suitable for multi-occupancy buildings. This makes it even more vital for landlords to conduct thorough assessments and implement appropriate fire safety measures.

The New 2023 Fire Safety Regulations

Recognising the need for improved fire safety measures, the UK government introduced new fire safety regulations in January 2023. You can find detailed information about which buildings the new fire safety regulations apply to on the Total Fire Group website.

The 2023 fire safety regulations aim to strengthen fire safety measures by:

  • Enhancing the responsibilities of building owners and property managers in ensuring fire safety compliance.
  • Requiring regular inspections and risk assessments by qualified professionals.
  • Mandating improvements in building construction and design to minimise fire risks.
  • Improving the communication of fire safety information to tenants.
  • Ensuring better cooperation between relevant authorities and stakeholders in enforcing fire safety regulations.

The new fire safety regulations seek to bolster fire safety measures and ensure all tenants feel safe and protected in their homes. By staying informed about these regulations and ensuring compliance, landlords and property managers can work together to create a safer living environment for everyone.

As fire safety consultants, we are committed to helping you maintain full compliance with the latest regulations in various aspects. These include determining your premises’ classification, providing guidance on the division of responsibilities between landlords and tenants concerning fire safety, and reviewing current fire policies.

If you are a landlord seeking assistance with fire safety regulations for your properties, get in touch to discover how we can help.


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Fire Risk Assessments

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Fire Safety Consultancy

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