For organisations that are responsible for a large portfolio of properties, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of the requirements of each individual building. Have all premises undergone a Fire Risk Assessment? Is every assessment complete? Is the FRA template suitable and been completed by competent persons? Are the review periods in line with current guidance? Do any risks need urgent action? Which actions breach the Fire Safety Order (life risk) and which do not? Are the fire policy documents and procedures up to date and compliant? Our fire safety consultancy service can help you overcome these difficulties.

We have partnered with several large organisations across a range of sectors where we have conducted several hundred assessments, to assist them with their fire risk management.

This involves regular monthly meetings with senior management teams and Boards to advise on the impact of their fire risk assessment programmes on the organisation and also post Hackett Review and “Building a Safer Future” implications.

As part of your fire safety partnership with Total Fire Group, we will review your existing documentation and procedures before confirming if they provide the correct level of information and detail in order to be compliant. Additionally, we’ll assess your current risk levels and existing action and emergency plans so that we can then make recommendations on any further action you could take to improve your policies to assist you with a route to compliance.


We’ve worked with many companies that simply require pre-occupancy fire safety checks for properties under their care.

As part of our pre-occupancy fire audit we’ll carry out a site survey, focusing on the build from a fire safety perspective. Checks will be made and a report will be provided, ideally a few weeks before completion/handover of the premises, detailing whether or not the premises complies with the fire safety order before it’s occupied.

Our pre-occupancy fire safety audit service is often used in new-build constructions such as commercial offices and new residential complexes. We can also provide pre-occupancy checks for potential buyers on the condition of any existing fire precautions and arrangements, assessing the suitability of the premises for your particular line of business.

Please note: A pre-occupancy fire inspection report does not constitute a full building survey – where this is required, a Chartered Surveyor should be engaged.

Plan Checks / Building Regs

If you’re looking for fire safety checks before construction takes place Total Fire Group can look at the plans before they are submitted to the building control body. This service is also applicable to any changes to existing buildings, that require approval.

Our fire safety consultants check that they comply with building regulations from a fire safety perspective. This can provide assurances for clients and also identify potential cost-saving on the fire safety provisions.

Our plan checks can include:

  1. Making sure appropriate fire provisions are installed i.e. fire alarms, emergency lighting, extinguishers, etc.
  2. Ensuring adequate fire resistance/compartmentation for the type of premises
  3. Checking correct travel distances for the specific type of premises
  4. Where appropriate, ensuring the correct occupancy figures are met

By checking the plans before construction begins, it can save both time and money, avoiding any approval risks before construction commences.

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